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Rhodia® Filter Tow

The product of choice for cellulose acetate filter tow

Rhodia® Filter Tow is available in a wide range of specifications to cover all designs of filters for cigarettes: standard, super slim and micro slim filters but also filters for RYO, MYO, cigarillos or filters with capsule and additives.

Rhodia Coloured Tow™

A new range of coloured filter tow

Rhodia Coloured Tow™ represents a new range of coloured filter tow. The product offers endless possibilities in combining colours and different shapes of acetate filter rods and is therefore a unique opportunity to customize cigarette filters. Rhodia Coloured Tow™ provides a reliable performance as known for Rhodia® Filter Tow and can be used with existing filter makers.

Rhodia DE-Tow™

First biodegradable certified filter tow

Rhodia DE-Tow™ is a cellulose acetate filter tow with significantly enhanced biodegradability with minimum 90 % biodegradation after 56 days compared to cellulose, aerobic in water. Rhodia DE-Tow™ fulfills certification requirements and has recently been certified as „biodegradable in water“ and "compost" by independent certification body TÜV Austria.

Water Certified Tuev Certified compost

Rhodia FilterSorb™

An advanced filtration solution for a cleaner smoking experience

Rhodia FilterSorb™ is a highly effective granular additive, enabling the production of a cigarette with an advanced filtration, preserving the authentic tobacco flavour combined with a cleaner smoking experience.
Rhodia FilterSorb™ provides selective filtration and keeps the physical properties of the filter also during smoking.

Rhodia® Micro Tow

Fine Design for low diameter filter

Rhodia® Micro Tow represents a specification that provides low pressure drop and guaranteed filtration efficiency. It is especially designed to meet customers' technical expectations when producing low diameter filters. Rhodia® Micro Tow is also a perfect match for low diameter filters with capsules or additives.

Rhodia Acetol®

The bio-based polymer for a sustainable choice

Rhodia Acetol® is made of wood pulp, a natural and sustainable raw material. It is available in different grades with selected specifications to meet technical requirements as colour, viscosity or moisture content. Rhodia Acetol® is suitable for a large range of potential applications in consumer goods, textiles and cosmetics. It can be processed with different types of plasticizers.

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